Downloading a Facebook Video: 12 Tips That Work in 2022

Here is how to simply download and save any Facebook video on your computer, iPhone or Android smartphone . These 12 effective methods are free, work in 2022, and are done online and without software (for the most part). The manipulations that we are going to present to you here will only take a few seconds, […]

The Best Tools to Optimize Your Prospecting on LinkedIn (and Best Practices)

Linkedin has greatly facilitated prospecting. Your profile is also a showcase for your activity. Thus, your linkedin profile as well as your publications must be worked as hard as possible. It is important that you show your potential customers that you are the ideal person to meet their needs by having experiences that are relevant to them and […]

Sales Prospecting: How To Improve Your Sales Funnel?

Prospecting is a necessity for any business or brand. Consisting of looking for potential customers in a target audience, it helps to expand the customer base in the medium and long term. To achieve it and assess its performance, various mechanisms are used. The “sales funnel” occupies a preponderant place in the process of acquiring […]

How to Automate the Creation & Publication of Pinterest Pins Using an RSS Feed?

Do you have a WordPress blog (or other) and a Pinterest account? Do you have an RSS feed that brings together all your new articles? Want to automatically create Pins on Pinterest every time you post? This tip should interest you! Summary : Automatically publish Pins to a Pinterest board from an RSS feed: what you need to […]