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Curling originated in what country

Curling is a sport where players use a sheet of ice to slide stones onto the ice. The target area is divided into four circles. Curling originate in Canada. It’s similar to shuffleboard, boules and bowls. Each team has four members and two teams. They each slide heavy, polished granite rocks (also called rocks) across the ice curling sheet towards the house. There is a target circle marked on the ice. Each player throws two stones. Each team has eight stones. Each player throws two stones. The goal is to get the highest score in a game. Points are awarded for stones that rest closest to the centre at the end of each end. A game typically has eight to ten ends.

You can cause the stone to slide in a curving path by making it spin slowly. Two sweepers, using brooms and brushes to influence the rock’s path may accompany it down the sheet. They sweep the ice in front. The friction is reduced by “sweeping a stone”, which allows the stone to travel straighter (with less curl) and for a greater distance. It takes a lot of teamwork and strategy to choose the best path and place a stone in each situation. The skills of the curlers also play a major role in determining the success of the stone.

Let see some Important rules of curling.

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