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Instead of logging to each of your financial accounts individually Try account aggregation, a program that consolidates data from multiple financial accounts into one location. You can find this option in personal finance programs like Quicken or other online financial tools and websites.

Benefits to Seeing All Accounts in One Place

Incorporating all your brokerage, credit card or checking account or savings accounts, loans and other accounts, even if they’re owned by multiple financial institutions, in one place will help you manage your finances quickly and more effectively. For instance you can know how much money is on your account for checking and simultaneously noticing the upcoming payment due on your credit card or loan payment due , means that you can account for that amount without overdrawing your account. The ability to view all your accounts at once is convenient, particularly when you have live transaction information accessible to you.

For the purpose of aggregate or clustering of account information, the applications offer automatic downloads of transactions and the capability to view the details of multiple account types on one display that is often referred to as”your “dashboard.”

The advantage of account aggregation is that you don’t need to sign in to multiple accounts to view the financial picture. All you need is to open the same software or sign in to one website or use one application to access all your accounts. You will see a summary of all your balances the transactions you’ve made, as well as other data all in one location.

How to Set Up Account Aggregation

To establish account aggregation, first you require bank accounts online with the institutions that have each of your accounts. You can then add each account with an aggregation system. This is done by an initial setup process that specifies the location where each account’s financial information is kept, as well as the username , account number along with the account’s password. This allows the aggregator to access the account’s details.


When you sign into your program using your username and password, the program makes use of the aggregation feature that secures the presentation of your login details and passwords to all the banks that manage your accounts. Your account data is later downloaded as well as “scraped,” and presented to you all in one place.


Security and Safety

When you submit your password and secure login details to the program the system automatically collects the data in the same manner as had you logged in yourself.


Account aggregation service only gives the software access to any balances on your account and the transactions, but not create transactions. If you would like to access your account or transfer it, you’ll have login to the respective account’s website.

In addition, the software utilizes a variety of advanced security features. For instance, if log on to an unknown device or computer an additional authentication might be required.

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However, you must be extremely cautious when providing your financial information to a third-party that has excellent security certifications. Finra is the financial regulatory authority cautions consumers of the potential risks involved in providing financial and personal information to financial aggregators and warns users to read the privacy policies and terms for any company they utilize.


However, many who play an active part in their finances turn to the aggregation services because of their ease of use, convenience as well as security features. These accounts can help you save time and also add stress when it comes to managing your money.

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