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PayPal Login: Setup Your Payment Account Now

World’s most advanced and secured financial technology providing company – PayPal incorporation is an American multinational company. Whether you are an individual or a business, PayPal is the most suitable platform to deal with your funds. This company assures you of the safety of funds as it has a strong security team that works 24/7 to monitor any type of suspicious activity. Whether you have to receive funds internationally or nationally, PayPal would be your first choice. PayPal provides a personalized dashboard, wallet tab, direct deposit feature, and a finance tab that helps its users to manage their money conveniently. Getting started with PayPal is easy and you can also do so by signing up for a new PayPal Sign in account.

PayPal allows people to sign up for two types of accounts as personal and business. You can choose the type of account based on your need and interest. In case you are looking to use PayPal only to send and receive money in between your friends and family then you can go with the PayPal personal account. But if you are looking to use PayPal for your business-related works then you need to sign up for a business account.

Way to get PayPal on mobile

People can get PayPal on their mobile by visiting the application store of their Android/iOS device. If you are sure with the process to do so then you need to go through the steps to get PayPal on your mobile:

  1. Open the App or Play Store on your Android/iOS device

  2. Now, type the ‘PayPal’ in the search bar and click the ‘Enter’ button

  3. Discover the PayPal mobile app and click the ‘Get’ button

  4. If your device has a stable internet connection, the app will be installed quickly

The procedure to set up account

You can create a new PayPal personal and business account providing the required details such as name, mobile number, bank account, or credit/debit card number. To setup, a PayPal account, follow the steps that are given below:

  1. Open the PayPal mobile app or browser on your mobile/computer

  2. Now, you need to choose the type of accounts such as individual or business

  3. After choosing the account type, click the ‘Next’ button

  4. Provide the mobile number ( for an individual account)

  5. Choose one from the available options (for business)

  6. Click the ‘Next’ button and look at the screen

  7. Now, verify the mobile number (for an individual account)

  8. Provide the business details and other basic details (for business account)

  9. You may need to provide the business documents to prove the identity

  10. Provide all the necessary details like name, username, the password for your PayPal account

  11. In the end, get and check the box next to PayPal terms of use

  12. Finally, you have completed the PayPal sign in account setup process

Way to Sign in to PayPal account

If you want to access your PayPal account on your mobile then you need to install the mobile app first. The steps that will let you sign in to your PayPal account are given below:

  1. Open the PayPal mobile app or browser

  2. Now, navigate yourself to the Sign in page

  3. Type the registered mobile number

  4. Then, click the ‘Next’ button

  5. On this page, verify the mobile number

  6. Or type the internet PIN for the PayPal Sign in account

  7. Get and click the ‘Sign in’ button

  8. Finally, you are logged in to your PayPal account on your mobile or computer

How to reset the PayPal account password?

PayPal account users who have lost the password details can easily retrieve the account password by approaching the steps that we have concluded below:

  1. Open the PayPal app or browser on your mobile/computer

  2. From the PayPal Sign in page, get and click the ‘Reset PIN’ option

  3. Now, confirm the mobile number and click the ‘Get code’ button

  4. Then, you need to find the code and enter it on the PIN recovery page

  5. Now, choose a new PIN for your PayPal account

  6. Get and click ‘Confirm PIN’ to save the changes

Way to fix the PayPal Signing problems

Users of the PayPal account might face trouble on the login page. If you are also facing login issues then you need to follow the tips that are given below:

  • Ensure the internet connection on your mobile/computer

  • Feed the PayPal login details carefully

  • Reset the PayPal account PIN by verifying your identity

  • Clear the PayPal app data and cache files

  • Make sure that that you are using the updated version of the PayPal mobile app

  • Remove the PayPal mobile app and then re-add it on your Android/iOS device


To sum up, PayPal is a leading financial company that provides internet banking and mobile payment service to its customers. Using the PayPal account, you can send and receive money across the world. You can use this most trusted payment gateway without worrying about your funds. To help you in completing the PayPal account setup process, we have discussed clear and simple instructions above on this page. In case you are having trouble while setting up your PayPal business profile then you can speak with a PayPal customer support agent to get quick help. Make sure to provide authentic information about your business to avoid issues in the future. We are sure that this read will teach you the way to sign in to your PayPal login account.

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